Leilani P Mendoza, LMT

“Touch is a basic human need. My profession as a massage therapist stems from that fact.”

 - Leilani Mendoza




Rediscover a sense of balance and relief. A signature massage is created just for you. Set your intention for the session and leave feeling nurtured and uplifted.

30 Min - 80$ / 60 Min - 100$ /

90 Min - 145$



Take a breath and move your body with a dynamic yoga practice. Let your day go and surrender to the music. Challenge your body and open your heart. 

60 Min Class



Find a moment of stillness and renewal with a massage and restorative yoga workshop. Come together with your community to reset and receive mindful touch.

60-90 Min Workshop



Think about all the different ways touch and movement occur in your life. Remember to be mindful of what you might experience when it is out of balance. You need both to thrive.


Touch is a basic human need. It is integral to our nature. Beginning in the womb, it's one of the first senses that we all experience. Felt through our skin and sensed through close contact. That impulse to touch happens more times than we can count. That energetic feeling that spurs us to reach out. The sight of a loved one. When we see someone in need. When we feel lonely, happy, sad, joyous, tense. The emptiness we feel when we don't have opportunities to receive loving touch. We instinctively crave it even when we don't realize it's exactly what we need. 

Movement is life. It goes hand in hand with touch. One cannot occur without the other. We move with every breath we take. The steady rise and fall of each inhale and exhale. The minute pulse of our heartbeat. That first flutter of our eyelids as we wake and stretch out of bed. When we reach out to pour a hot cup of tea. When bending down to pick up our little loved ones. When we tap our fingers across the keyboard. When we dance to our favorite song, go to a yoga class, go on a run, or go for a hike. All are forms of movement. As profound a moment of stillness can be, movement is always present, touch right along side it. 


This natural balance between touch and movement gives my profession meaning. It's what drove me to seek massage therapy as a career. It's apparent in my massage and why people from all walks of life seek me out.

I ask you to invite more meaningful Touch & Movement into your life. Whether through a nurturing relaxation massage, a targeted session for pain relief, an uplifting yoga class or a mindfully crafted restorative workshop. I can provide you an opportunity for both. Allow me to help you reconnect your breath to your body and feel more at ease.


“Touch is the other side of movement. Movement is the other side of touch. They are the shadow of each other” 

 - Bonnie Cohen




Portland, OR


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